Ephemera Project

WOW this was a difficult project! I really, really enjoyed it though. It was nice to get a brief like this as it was totally different to everything I have done before. Trying to fit so much information into an A5, 16 page, magazine. It was a really good way of using and reminding me of what we had done over this term.




Where to begin, firstly I made a pattern, this was to give the magazine a visual style. It took me several tries to get the right pattern but I think this one fits quite nicely. I wanted the pattern to go over the pictures of the designers. I always wanted the picture to be on the outer top corners. Like you can see bellow. The problem was that as I had some white colour in the pattern so it was covering up important parts of the picture.


To fix this I used an effect called multiply.

To do this I went to I selected the pattern and the image, then i went to window and clicked effects which brought up this box.

2017-01-26 (2).png

I then clicked the drop down list which says normal.

2017-01-26 (1).png

and then clicked multiply. This was the result.


Another trouble was my line length was too long here is an example.

2017-01-26 (3).png

This problem occurred because i was using too little columns in my grid. I was using a 2 column grid. So I moved onto a four column grid which made easier to place things accurately on the page. As you can see bellow most of the text and images went across two columns. The only elements which did not were the dates and times and where possible the names.

2017-01-26 (4).png

For this project I decided to use 2 type faces the first being Gill Sans which makes up the main body and then magneto for the names. Here are some examples of each.


So the title, or name, is in Magneto Bold. The heading is in Gill Sans MT Italic. The sub heading, or question, is Gill Sans MT italic with grey fill. And finally the main body, or answer, is plain Gill Sans MT.

The point size for each is (point size in image is not accurate):

  • Title: 31
  • Heading: 12
  • Sub Heading: 11
  • Main Body: 11