Design as Activism: Illustrations

We have been tasked with creating an animation using design as activism. As group we have decided to create a short anti drug/drug awareness film. We have decided to concentrate mainly on cocaine.

As I missed a lot of the planning for this project when I got up to date the idea was almost finalised. The original idea starts with a pair of decks. The disks start to spin, as they do, the camera zooms in to one deck. Then a line of cocaine in the shape of a question mark appears and dispapears down the line with a sound effect of some sniffing, we then see a pair of eyes. The pupils shrink and then grow. then the pupils and iris start to shake alittle bit before darting side to side, the movement slows, the colour fades to monochrome.

Since starting this post, a few things have changed, due to technical difficulties and creative differences in the start when the question mark shaped line has changed to be some white circular shapes spin. Next we see, as before, the decks starting with music. The decks make up eyes then a white line appears, as if drawn, this creates a nose. The line continues down to show a pair of eyes that look like this:

Anti Drug Eyes Final

The eyes go through a number of stages as i have said before. The final piece with eyes looks like this:

Multiple Eyes Element Final

Sadly these eyes will not be in the final due to lack of communication in our group! I was in charge of creating the eye element of this video. I am a little disappointed that the final video isn’t as i imagined it.

The way I created the eyes was simple, here is how I created them:


To start I created the basic eye shape using the ellipse tool. I then converted the side anchor points to square.

2017-03-27 (1)

I then used the bottom right hand handle to make the shape more eye like.

2017-03-27 (4).png

Then I duplicated it and reflected the duplicate.

2017-03-27 (6).png

I then created an almost black rectangle over the top to create a mask or cutout. The colour code I used for the black is: 221f20

2017-03-27 (7)

Then selected everything and used the exclude tool in the pathfinder window.

2017-03-27 (8)

Which gives a cutout which you can see bellow.

2017-03-27 (9)

Then to create the eye lids I used the rectangle tool with the fill colour of: c9aba6. I duplicated it to create top and bottom eyelids.

2017-03-27 (10)

I then sent them behind the cutout and resized them to fit.

2017-03-27 (11).png

I then simply created four ellipses, two for the pupils, and two for the iris’.

2017-03-27 (12).png

To ensure the pupils were right in the middle I used a little trick I learnt in college. If you create the first circle the deselect and use the ellipse again put the mouse in the middle so it says centre, then hold alt when creating the shape. Holding alt with any shape tool creates shape from the middle instead of one corner.

I then changed the fill colour of the iris to: 7faab5  and sent the pupils and iris’ to the the back.

By creating the eyes in this way it gave me a simple but effective way of expressing emotions and drug affects simply but effectively.

Now to animate!

Oh wait hang on…… Multiple eyes element first!

So to create this:

Multiple Eyes Element Final

I did most of it the same way using the ellipse and exclude tool as before. But with a little difference as the simple rectangle eye lid technique would not work here so i had to create a new shape using the ellipse.

2017-03-27 (19)

So I duplicated the original eye shape.

2017-03-27 (20)

Then used the delete anchor point tool to delete top anchor point of one and the bottom anchor point of another to create top and bottom lids. I then changed the fill colour.

2017-03-27 (22).png

Put them together and you have a closed, then duplicated both parts and reflected them as before.

2017-03-27 (21)

The rest I’m sure is obvious. but here is the end result anyway.

Multiple Eyes Element Final

If you are wandering why only the big centre eyes have eyelids they come later in after effects.

So the point of this last eye shot is to show how paranoid and crazy he has become. The red eyes would appear slowly at first but speed up quickly. The eyes in the middle would dart around looking at the eyes as they appear.

The next step is to animate and put all this together.






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