First Things First Manifesto


The  First Things First Manifesto was first written in 1963 then published in 1964 by, a significant designer of the time, Ken Garland and signed by 20 other designers, architects, and photographers. This manifesto is a fight against commercial and corporate design, reminding us that design has more place in this world than trying to sell crap. Design can be used in better ways e.g. spreading information or giving directions.

Talk of this manifesto moved fast and in time was picked up by The Guardian which lead to Garland being on the BBC news. It was the published again by a group of new authors in the year 2000 it was at this time that it was labelled The First Thing First Manifesto 2000


I feel that this manifesto is very important to remind young people what design really is and what it can do. Some times we forget that Graphic Design can be used for useful informative purposes instead of getting people to buy crap! Although in this day and age the industry can be very competitive because of internet and social media. Designers may feel that advertising is their route into the industry. There are so many more interesting and useful projects we could be working on than the newest ‘pooper scooper’ or any other consumer crap there is out there in the world.



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