Image Series for 2 Chosen Topics

Our image block has come to an end. I thoroughly enjoyed this section of our course and feel I have learnt some useful techniques and skills!

We were given a brief to create two series of images, four for each series, advertising a summer course. I wanted to be able to use my own images in this project so I chose easy to achieve subjects. My choices were Conservation and Plumbing. I chose conservation because i could simply just take photos of leaves, trees, fences, paths e,e. I originally wanted to create a series for architecture but it was raining on the only day had free for photographing buildings. I was racking my brain as to what subjects  I could easily shoot in my house which I could create interesting images from. I was walking into the kitchen when, out the corner of my eye, I spotted the pipes in the bathroom. Perfect! Here are the original images that i used to create these series of images.



For conservation I wanted to keep the images fairly close to there originals. I didn’t think it appropriate to add lots of crazy filters and effects. Here is what I had in the end.

I would have liked better quality photographs. For the first three I used selective colour to make the greens more vibrant. In the last photo i did the same thing but blurred out the background as i wanted the tree and its support to be the main feature in this series.

With the plumbing series I experimented with using two filters Half Tone and Stamp to create these interesting images.

After showing these images to Ray. He said that i should put a cream outline on the plumbing ones to make the first image stand out better. I highly agree and ill be making these changes shortly.


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