Learning to prepare images for screen print using Photoshop.

I have used a couple of these techniques before but never imagined using them for this purpose. Using Adobe Photoshop to manipulate image is a really good tool for creating stencils which are used in screen printing. Screen printing is a form of print art which can be used to make graphics/art for all sorts of things e.g. T Shirts, Posters and many more.

The first step is to put an image in to Photoshop. I chose a portrait taken of my self which i like.

2016-11-01 The next step we took was to create a new Photoshop document. We created an A4 document because we are going to be printing in A4. Make sure that you choose International Paper in the Document Type.2016-11-01-2The simplest may to place your image on the A4 document is to to pop the window out so you can see both you’re image and the A4 document make sure to have the move selection tool selected. Click and drag your image into the A4 document. 2016-11-01-3If your image does not fit the page correctly press control/command+T to bring up the resizing box.  2016-11-01-4Next you will want to alter the brightness and contrast to make the image more dynamic as this will help with the techniques we will be using. 2016-11-01-9Select image at the top of your screen, then adjustments, then brightness and contrast. Experiment to get the right effect.2016-11-01-6Also you will want to Duplicate the layer which includes the image. The easiest to do this is go to your layers window then click and drag the layer onto the new layer symbol. This means you can combine a a mixture of tools create an interesting stencil. you should create about 4-5 layers. this will give you room to experiment and combine layers.

2016-11-01-8Something else you should do to make some of the tools more effective is make the image grey scale. You will NOT want to do this on all 4 of the layers.

2016-11-14.png Making your image grey scale is easily done. Just go into image, mode then click grey scale. Its as easy as that. Now time to experiment with some tools to create an interesting stencil. The first thing you will want to do is experiment with the halftone pattern filters.

2016-11-14 (1).png To do this go to filter then filter gallery which will bring up this window. From here you could just experiment and find you own way but I will talk through a couple filters i like to use!

2016-11-14 (2).pngthe halftone effect comes in three different patterns, Line, Circle and Dot. Each of these can be used to create interesting stencils. You can also change the point size of each of these and how much contrast you would like. Like before the more contrast the better.

2016-11-14-22016-11-14-32016-11-14-4After some messing around I decided to go for a circle pattern with 30 contrast and a point size of 12. Next I am going to try a different filter on a new layer. So I am going to hide the layer i just worked on.

2016-11-14-62016-11-14-7So now you will want to open the filter gallery again but this time were going to try the stamp effect because it will look really good as a stencil.

2016-11-14 (8).png

For this effect you have the ability to control: Light/Dark Balance and the smoothness of the lines. 2016-11-14-9

I’ve gone for: Light/Dark balance: 19 Smoothness: 392016-11-14-10Now I will combine the two layers I have worked with to do this I will experiment with the order of these layers and the opacity.

I have just discovered something which is perfect for making stencils! within the filter gallery is a layers window here are some interesting stencil ideas i have created using this.

2016-11-14-122016-11-14-132016-11-14-14Just goes to show that experimenting is key!




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