Type Specimen Presentation

Today we had to present our type specimen, moduler type face and letterpress. I really enjoyed seeing how different everyone’s work was and the way each person had expressed each Typeface.

For the type specimen presentation we were put into pairs. In our pairs we were told to write 3 things that we liked, and 1 improvement, on a post it note for our partners posters. I was paired up with Lorna.

Her points were:

  • Like the circle of alphabet
  • Good use of space
  • Nice use of space – not too obstructed by paragraph text.
  • Improvement: Maybe experiment with different weights  in paragraph styles.

Then we each had to go up and talk about our partners poster to the class and tutors. Allan, the second year tutor, then critiqued our work.

Allan had a few things to say about mine:

  • Use upper and lower case alphabets in the circle.
  • Experiment with tone to create perspective.
  • Rethink placement of image.
  • Rethink style and size of name.
  • Sort out paragraphs and headings.type-specimen-1-grids



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