Vernacular Type Project

Vernacular typeography, or “found lettering”, is type in the world, in our towns, cites and shops. This could be, for example, hand written tables, shop signs and other things of this nature.

Here are some examples of vernacular typography:


For this project we were put into groups of 3, I was in a group with Alfie and James. Each group was given a different word. The word we were given was “Impress”. We then had to come up with some ideas for vernacular type projects we had a number of different ideas.

Here are some sketches:

In the end we decided to go with the steps as it was was the easiest to achieve.

So first we tried to do it with chalk:


But we found that it wasn’t clear enough so we tried masking tape:


As you can see its looking much better, here is the finished piece:


Overall I’m pleased with this but i think we could have been a little more adventurouswith our idea


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