Word First Post: Typography

Typography was the first subject we looked at. I really enjoy learning about fonts serifs and all things type. Typography is the “architecture of ideas”, or in simpler terms, how we communicate ideas.

The human race has always used symbols and images to communicate a number of different things. Cave paintings can range anything from, pictures of animals, or food as cavemen would have seen animals, to hand prints. Cavemen could’ve left these hand prints for a spiritual reason or simply just to say “I was here”. This point leads me on to typography as a “sculpting of experience”. Type can be used, in a number of different ways, to portray experience. I feel the hand prints are one of the first instances of this.

Human Reunion Handprint
30,000 Year old Hand Print

I have been to a cave painting just like this (might even be this one) in South Africa. The thing that struck me about putting my hand on this was, not about the original hand that made the mark, but the countless other human beings that have put there hands here. The fact that this single part of art had connected so many people. I find this thought utterly inspiring and would love to achieve something slimier in my works.


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